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Cherbourg, Gateway to Victory, 1944/07/02

Published 1944

(1) "The Capture of Cherbourg - while the British and Canadians are protecting their flank at Caen, General Bradley's First American Army lays siege to Cherbourg, key port on the embattled French coast. Following thunderous bombardment by artillery and from the air, Doughboys filter into Cherbourg. Snipers are laid low, and thousands of Nazi prisoners are herded into prison fields, where they are fed G.I. iron rations. General von Schlieben and Admiral Hennerke present an abject picture as they become prisoners of war of Major General Tora Collins. Russians become Yankee prisoners over the tearful remonstrances of their tag-a-long Russian wives. Yanks on reconnaissance, discover cleverly camouflaged tracks from which 'buzz-bombs' had been rocketed towards England. General Collins advances to city hall, where the local mayor is again restored to civil authority over this latest won prize of American arms. And various daughters of La Belle France open their arms in warm embrace, as they welcome the Doughboys to their liberated city." (2) Europe Shuttle Bombed - "Giant Flying Fortresses, based in England, roar over targets deep inside Germany. After dropping their deadly cargoes, they continue to Russia, where they are roundly greeted by their allies." (3) S.S. Benjamin Warner Is Launched - "Richmond, CA: The 519th Liberty ship to be built on the West Coast honors the entire motion picture industry as it is christened 'Benjamin Warner.' Various members of the famous movie family participate in the Henry Kaiser launching." (4) Dewey Family Portrait - "Chicago, Ill.: Republican nominee, Thomas Dewey, sits for a living portrait, surrounded by the adult members of his immediate family." (partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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